Despite all the odds against it, a sick puppy managed to stay alive and transformed into a happy, healthy dog.

An adorable puppy called Kringle is the best example of bravery as he survived the harshest condition ever.

The story started when Kringle was found by a group of people, who directly called a rescue group for help as they realized that he was severely injured.

One rescuer called Tracy directly took the puppy after seeing that he was burned. She then took him to the veterinary clinic, where they took things immediately as more than his body was burned! The dog stayed for almost 50 days in the emergency vet as his condition was so bad.

The puppy tried to fight for his life and never gave up despite being painful and weak. Miraculously, he started to get better, and he would be adopted by Tracy once he was completely healed.

Thankfully, he completed his recovery and went to live with Tracy for the rest of his life. At the end, Kringle gets the life he really deserves with a mom who really loves him. What a happy ending!

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