Dog Was Left At A Shelter Whἱle 299 of His Frἱends Were Taken Home

He had given up hope of finding a good home because he was the last dog at that adoption event.

At a big dog adoption event over the weekend, more than 290 dogs were taken in, but nobody wanted Zeus.

He is being kept at the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Noblesville. They called him “King Zeus.” The HSHC posted Zeus’s story online in hopes that he will find a forever home soon, saying that he will still wait patiently to find a forever home.

He is so cute and doesn’t do anything Ьаd to people who might want to adopt him, but no one wanted him. The good news is that Zeus’s story went ⱱігаɩ, and Austin Smith took him in. What a happy way to end!

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