No one wanted to adopt a puppy with a cleft lip, so he was forced to spend months at a shelter.

Dogs are fascinating beings that have the ability to completely transform our lives with their multiple abilities and, above all, with their unconditional love. However, some animals are born with a dysfunction or physical condition that makes them victims of discrimination and injustice by those humans who cannot see how special they are.

Unfortunately, this is what happened to a little dog named Clefford, who was born with a cleft lip, and ended up being abandoned because his family did not have enough resources to cover his medical expenses.

Clefford’s family took the pup to the Angell Animal Medical Center shelter in Boston, hoping he could find a new loving home. The canine was immediately put up for adoption through the MSPCA-Angell , however no one was willing to adopt him .

Because of his cleft lip, Clefford couldn’t eat regular kibble and needed special food to keep from hurting himself , but that never dampened his enthusiasm. He always had a positive attitude during his stay at the shelter and soon became the staff’s pet, where he eventually found his new family.

Will Stoltenberg had been a long-time volunteer at the shelter, and when he met Clefford, he fell head over heels for him . He lived with the puppy every day and, after a while, he realized that she had to take him home with her.

“While he was checking on the dogs, he would always go back to his kennel to pet him and tell him what a good boy he is. He has an infectious smile and always seemed happy to see me when I walked past him. She had to adopt him. He wanted to give him the life he deserved and spending months in a kennel didn’t do him any good,” Stoltenberg said.

When taking him to his new home, the man realized that the sad life that Clefford had led caused him different phobias : he feared cars, skateboards, motorcycles, automobiles and also other dogs. However, Stoltenberg was very patient and showed him that the world was not so scary.

Clefford has spent more than a year at the side of his unconditional friend Will, he has overcome all his fears, he loves going for a walk and saying hello to all his neighbors. He has transformed into a completely different dog , and has even overcome some of his physical problems.

Clefford is a very playful and loving dog. He loves to take one of his toys and have a good time with his family. He’ll also let you know when he’s sleepy, so you can get him a blanket where he can snuggle up,” Stoltenberg said.

So far, the pup has undergone four surgeries that radically diminished his cleft lip. Although he still looks different from most dogs, due to his crooked nose and his teeth always showing, none of that stops him from enjoying his new life full of love, the one he has always deserved.

Sometimes people get nervous when they see Clefford’s appearance , but spending time with him they realize that he is the sweetest and friendliest dog that can exist.

“All of his noises are different from normal dogs due to his cleft lip, other than that he acts like an average dog. Fortunately, Clefford has no idea that he is any different. I think his history and his unique face make him a better pup,” said Will.

Without a doubt, this puppy shows us that we should smile at life regardless of our physical condition and that there will always be someone willing to love us for who we are, with our virtues and defects, beyond our appearance.

Share this inspiring story with all your friends and remember that true beauty is on the inside!

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