Silent Stalker: Jaguar’s Stealthy Ambush on an Unwary Black Vulture, Nature’s Law Unleashed in Stealthy Predation .QN

The black vulture died in the hands of the jaguar in an angry way after eating.

Not only in Africa but also in America, leopards are also fearsome predators. Africa has leopards, America has jaguars, they are a nightmare in the jungles of Brazil.

During a boat tour of the river, a tourist was lucky enough to snap photos of a spotted jaguar hunting and its target, a black vulture.



The jaguar gently approached its target by the river.

This American bird is a scavenger and has just finished its meal. While resting in the shade by the riverside, it didn’t know that danger was coming.

The jaguar gently approaches the black vulture before attacking. When it was discovered, it was too late, even though it flew up a distance, the black vulture was still caught by the jaguar. Very quickly, it was killed by a predator.

Normally, jaguars rarely hunt birds because it takes a lot of effort, the probability of success is low, and the amount of food is insignificant. And this time, perhaps it will be satisfied with its results.



Its movements and speed caught the black vulture by surprise.



The black vulture was startled and flew up, but not in time.



It was quickly captured by the jaguar.



All efforts of the black vulture are in vain before the predator.



Normally, hunting birds is extremely difficult, but this time the jaguar did it.



The jaguar left with his achievement.