When he was saved, his condition was so appalling that he didn’t resemble a genuine dog.

Abandoned or abused animals almost always react kindly to their rescuers; however, there are also those that show aggressiveness. But, regardless of their reaction, they need help, with a little patience and caution, any animal can be rescued.

Caro is a dog that needed help and her story can be quite heartbreaking.

Kylina Turner was walking quietly when she noticed something that broke her heart.

Caro was on a property in Austin, Texas, on a sort of wire bed outside in the cold ; when Turner saw the animal she wasn’t sure if it was a live animal, it almost looked like a stuffed animal that was there, but no, it really was a living being who needed her help.

The animal touched the woman’s leg despite the fact that he could hardly even move due to the condition he was in, he was completely skinny and malnourished.

The woman took her jacket to cover Caro and take him in her arms, he needed urgent medical attention, the animal saw how Turner did all this and practically did not react. The dog wanted to be helped, it was as if he knew that the woman was about to save his life.

She put the dog in her vehicle to take him to the nearest shelter, but the shelter was a 20-minute drive from where they were, Turner was afraid that the trip would be too long for the puppy, so he decided to take it on his own herself to the vet.

When they were at the vet, the dog was treated in the emergency room where they made sure he survived and felt better, at that time it was almost impossible for Turner not to fall in love with Caro.

It was only a 6-month-old puppy, but medical tests determined that the dog was malnourished, dehydrated, sunburned, and also had a severe case of mange.

“The vet techs told me they would keep him there and pool their money to pay for his recovery,” Turner said. “That night I started a GoFundMe for Caro.”

Turner recounts how the first week at the animal clinic for Caro was very difficult, but despite that , the veterinary workers celebrated every advance the puppy made in his recovery, no matter how small;  if the dog ate solids or even raised its head it was a triumph for the doctors.

For Turner there was no turning back, she already loved Caro, at first she thought to take care of him while he recovered, but when he was better and he was able to take him home they could no longer give him up.

Even Casey, her other 7-year-old dog, became Caro’s best friend.

“Caro has brought us more happiness than I ever thought possible,” Turner said. “He is the funniest pup and we are constantly laughing at whatever he is doing.”

The recovery of this puppy was slow but very positive , Turner had to give him baths to recover from his mange, in addition to having to gain weight until he reached his ideal weight, today the dog is already 9 months old and in good health.

This dog definitely changed this woman’s life, and boy did she change his! Remember to share this story with your friends.

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