After the owner died, they released the dog tied up outside the house for several days: Heartbreaking !

The life of a dog abandoned and chained outside her house is completely changed thanks to a small mistake by some workers renovating a house next door.

One of the men accidentally tripped over the property’s security system, which caused a loud noise to be activated, causing the dog to helplessly stand up and was seen by Claire Morera , one of the workers.

The dog was rescued after days of being tied up outside her house.

Without hesitation, Morera approached the dog, encountering a heartbreaking scene, she was tied with a huge chain that hurt her neck, emaciated and covered in ticks;  she also had an infection in her eye.

Apparently, the dog had been abandoned for a long time trying to survive with the little energy she had left.

The dog is an American bulldog named Frances.

Morera took some photos of the dog and posted them to the local rescue group 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida .

A volunteer from the group, Jan Stenger , saw her story and did not hesitate to go to where the dog was. Jan commented on this:

“We were actually at a different rescue that morning, but I looked up Frances’ location on my phone and we were 14 kilometers from her. Other volunteers stayed behind to try to catch that other dog, and then we left to look for Frances.”

Jan is a furry lover, in the last four years she has dedicated herself to rescuing hundreds of puppies in the Miami area, United States .

The history and condition of each puppy is different, Jan always tries to strengthen his heart to face each case in the best way, but Frances’s story seems to him by far one of the strongest and heartbreaking .

“I always said that one of our team members, Carol, and I are stronger. We don’t break easily, but we were both very emotional about this rescue. That was truly the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. It suffocates me just thinking about it,” Jan said.

The rescue team managed to talk to some neighbors and discovered that the dog’s owner had died , she had been left alone tied outside her house exposed to the sun and rain, without receiving any help. Jan commented on this:

“People knew she was left there and obviously she wasn’t being fed properly.”

Due to the condition in which Frances was, her rescuers estimate that she was chained for a couple of weeks .

During the rescue process the dog always kept her head down, the chain had impregnated her skin so it was a problem for the rescuers to be able to remove her, they had to take her to the vet with the chain tied around her neck.

“It took us a while to get the chain off when we took her to the animal hospital because she didn’t have bolt cutters. When we finally got the chain off her, it was the first time she wagged her tail,” Jan noted.

Fortunately, this sweet dog was now in good hands, the biggest challenge for her rescuers was treating the infection in her eyes , they were so damaged that they had to be removed.

To remove the ticks, a long bath was necessary, although it was not easy to remove the thousands of ticks that covered his body, they finally succeeded. Now Frances just had to gradually gain weight by following a healthy diet .

“She had thousands of ticks. She stayed in the bathtub for five hours the first night and three hours the next morning, all the ticks had to be removed from her body,” said Jan.

While this adorable pup had a rough few days, she did not contract tick or heartworm disease , making her recovery much quicker and more satisfying.

Jan had agreed to temporarily take care of Frances, but her tenderness ended up conquering her and now she is a member of their family . In this regard, she highlighted:

“Never in a million years did I think we would keep it. I have always had small dogs, I have had Labradors and Goldens. But we knew very quickly that she wasn’t going anywhere.”

Nowadays Frances spends most of her time and enjoying all the love that her new family gives her . She also shares with other furry ones with whom she has created a great bond. She loves people and making new friends. Jan highlighted:

“She is a happy girl. As she walked through the door, she heard her tail pounding on the sofa. She loves everyone and is as terrible as everyone is to her, she forgave us. It was amazing and it gets better every day. “

Her vision problems are no obstacle to being able to enjoy this new opportunity, she is a smiling dog and couldn’t be happier to be part of a family that loves her. it’s unconditional .

Never hesitate to help a vulnerable puppy and be encouraged to change his life. In return you will only have so much love and a great friend for life.

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