When he first sees food, the puppy that was only bones can’t stop wagging his tail eating desperately.

A puppy that was only skin and bones ran into the right person on the least expected day without being able to stop wagging his tail and eating desperately.

After many nights being cold and going to bed with nothing in his tummy, this furry one showed his rescuers how grateful he was to them for that morsel of food.

This little boy was found on the side of a road with a notable malnutrition problem, his bones were marked around his belly. In addition, his skin seemed like a simple piece of cloth that wrapped everything.

It was very likely that despite his smallness, the puppy had already been exposed to mistreatment and rejection from people without a heart, since he was extremely fearful.

The picture changed the moment his rescuer decided to cheer him up with some dog kibble. The puppy could not resist and his hunger for him was stronger than his fear, so he decided to take a risk and approached the young woman.

Although his legs were unstable, the dog pounced on the food and ate desperately. We can’t imagine how long it would take without trying a bite, the most moving thing was the moment when the puppy began to wag its tail.

Thanks to the croquettes, the woman was able to gain his trust and, seeing the state of fragility, decided that she had to rescue him.

She couldn’t just feed him, so she wanted to do something else for him and took him to the Stray Dog Cha-Am volunteers . This foundation that helps homeless animals did not think twice about taking on the case.

Upon being examined by a veterinarian, the doctor determined that our puppy not only had a spectrum of malnutrition but was also covered in different pests, both ticks and fleas.

Obviously this little angel needed care and specialized attention, so the medical team and the shelter’s volunteers got to work for his recovery.

After the furry came out for observation at the veterinary clinic, he was assigned to the care of a foster mother. This woman was in charge of continuing the work that had been carried out up to now at the vet.

The days passed and our noble puppy was gaining strength and pounds of love. Within two months his improvement was noticeable, so less than a month later he was ready to top the list of puppies for adoption.

It seems that the emotional story of the puppy moved more than one on social networks and after several applications, the foundation determined that the best home for the dog would be next to a family in Canada.

Although he must now get used to a completely different climate, the warmth of his new owners keeps him protected.

Our grateful pup finally knew happiness and now his tail is flapping with pure joy knowing that he will never go hungry again.

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